What Is Meehanite®?

What Is Meehanite®?

Meehanite® is a patented method for iron casting, used by renowned companies in industries where the strength of your iron castings is absolutely critical. Lodi Iron Works is proud to be certified in this high-quality process. Learn why industry leaders from aerospace to medical choose Meehanite® castings, and how this superior process can benefit you.

Your Introduction To Meehanite® Iron Casting

What is Meehanite?

Meehanite® is a patented process for casting metals dating back to 1926, and Lodi Iron Works is proud to be a Meehanite® Metal Corporation. This process produces superior cast irons including graphite irons, flake graphite irons, and white cast irons. Meehanite® works by controlling the properties of cast iron in relation to the casting section. By adding alkaline earth silicides to low carbon iron in the ladle, this method reduces carbides resulting in highlight machinable iron with more uniform strength.

How does it work?

How is Meehanite® produced? The goal of this process is to control and produce castings with the best possible graphite distribution and matrix structure. This involves:

  • Specific and high-quality raw materials
  • Meticulous process controls
  • A nuanced expertise in this process of casting iron

Using a standardized process like this one eliminates any guesswork, which creates only high quality, reliable castings. 

The key to the Meehanite® process lies in undercooling. Meehanite® metal is melted to “a definite degree of undercooling or constitution.” Patented graphitizing agents are then used for the removal of undercooling. This complex process is what ensures the density and strength of the casting. 

Lodi Iron Works offers a wide selection of Meehanite® types to ensure we’re able to create exactly what you’re looking for. View our full selection guide here.

Who uses it?

Meehanite® is a popular option, especially in industries that depend on this unique casting process’s integrity. This includes businesses in industries such as:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Infrastructure
  • Military
  • Water
  • Oil & Gas
  • Agriculture
  • Medical

Lodi Iron Works is proud to be a Meehanite® Metal Corporation. If you’re interested in learning more about this process and how it can benefit your organization, get in touch with us. Lodi Iron Works has the production capacity and expertise to get the job done. Learn more about our meehanite castings.


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