Hunter Automatic Molding – Iron Castings

Produces superior green sand molds fast with improved finishes!


This molding machine without cores can produce 60/120 molds per hour. The Hunter Machine can produce castings ranging from 25 to 350 lb pour weight. The pattern size is 30×32. The cope is 11″ and the drag is 10″.

The benefits of this green sand molding machine include increased production and faster cycle rates by approximately 10 to 15%. The new higher squeeze pressures produce superior molds and higher accuracy. A closer tolerance reduces grinding and improves casting finishes.

The Hunter Machine is also supported by a Vulcan TruFlo V Mold Handling System.

The TruFlo automatically sets the flask and weights on the molds. The TruFlo has a total of 84 mold carts on an oval track. There are 28 molds on the outside rail that work their way into the center for cooling purposes. The TruFlo is completely automatic and hydraulic operated. After the mold has cooled off and dumped, the TruFlo will automatically set the empty plate on the Hunter and the molding then starts over again.

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