The Benefits Of Choosing American-made Iron Castings

The Benefits Of Choosing American-made Iron Castings

Companies across a broad range of industries will look to iron foundries in the United States and overseas to supply their operations, including Aerospace, Automotive, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, and many others. While choosing an overseas foundry is tempting based purely on the price point, choosing a USA-based cast iron foundry has benefits that you won’t achieve anywhere else.

Discover three reasons that choosing American-made iron benefits your business.

The Benefits Of Choosing A U.S.A. Cast Iron Foundry

#1: Support The Local Economy

When you buy America, you’re supporting your local and domestic economy. Iron Casting is a key industry in the United States. The United States is one of the largest global castings producers, behind China and India. It ranks second in productivity in terms of tonnage per plan, behind only Germany.

In supporting Lodi Iron Works, you’re supporting a family-owned business and contributing directly to creating domestic jobs here in Northern California. We have been producing high-quality Meehanite, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Ni-Resist, and High Chrome Iron right here in Lodi since 1946.

#2: Invest In Shared Safety & Environmental Procedures

By investing domestically in USA iron castings, you’re ensuring you’re investing in products created with shared domestic safety and environmental priorities and procedures.

In fact, outsourcing your iron casting can lead to higher Global  Warming  Potential (GWP),  Ozone Depletion  Potential (ODP), and ecotoxicity levels according to a 2016 study. This is due in part to deferring levels of scrap metal usage, transportation modes and distances, emission control practices, and other factors.

#3: Improved Quality Control Processes

At Lodi Iron Works, we have invested heavily in crafting a superior quality control process. We conduct scores of tests to meet industry standards and specifications, including: 

  • SAE
  • AISI
  • ASTM
  • AMS

Your iron castings will be checked for accuracy, integrity, finish, and other qualities to ensure you receive the finest products available. 
Are you ready to choose American-made for your iron products? Let’s discuss your company’s needs and how we can work together. Get started.


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